Progetti in gara 2025

Robert Friedman capsule collectionHerringbone di Niccolò Piccinni

Robert Friedman is an Italian high-end shirting brand.
The graphic project, as well as the design of the hangtag, embody the dual soul of the Jay Robert Friedman special capsule: feminine, elegant and sophisticated and at the same time direct, subversive and contemporary.
The visual and tactile narrative is rendered by a rough, textural and almost militaristic outer skin in Fedrigoni Uncoated Colours Tintoretto Ceylon Wasabi 350 gm on which the logo is affixed in shiny black hot foil. The composition is completed by a carving that faithfully traces the letter J in blackletter and reveals a tender, intimate and feminine heart made in Fedrigoni Uncoated Colours Woodstock Rosa 225 gm and embellished with a floral motif print in offset black.

Contrast and dialogue rendered through material and language give the customer the same sensation of richness, attention to detail and personality that can be found in Robert Friedman shirts.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Tintoretto ceylon Wasabi 350
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Woodstock Rosa 225
Robert Friedman
Niccolò Piccinni