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Carlotha Ray is a luxury footwear brand founded in 2019 with a resolute commitment to sustainability. Each creation is crafted by master artisans in Italy, using exclusively locally-sourced materials that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced. Carlotha Ray expanded its universe into the prestigious world of fragrances and remains true to its values as it combines the tradition of French haute parfumerie with sustainable luxury.Developed from responsibly-sourced vegan materials, the fragrances contain 90% natural origin ingredients and use plant-based organic alcohol, with no controversial ingredients, preservatives or coloring agents. Each element of the packaging was developed with a responsible mindset by using locally and responsibly sourced materials such as the Kendo paper with 40% of recycled fiber, and ensuring reuse and recyclability. Recalling the art of origami as its base opens like the petals of a flower, the reusable box can become a perfect jewelry holder.

Freelife kendo white 300gr