Archivio vincitori 2022

Eastern VoicesHélène Marian

Initiated by Lucie Pinier & Mathieu Levet during the Homografia festival, Eastern Voices collects the words of artists and activists from Eastern Europe and Russia. Coming from countries where the mere fact of being LGBT, woman or artist can put you at risk of being imprisoned or targeted, their practice cannot be separated from their commitment. The object, very vertical, in Sirio Perla of low grammage, makes think of a narrowed newspaper, narrowed, suffocating. The density of the texts comes to crush a gigantic pagination, which occupies all the little space which is reserved to him. The graphic design of the object conceived by Hélène Marian is in the image of the interviews that it gives to read: speeches all the more powerful that one tries to stifle them. Printed in risography on sealed notebooks,the contrast between the dull blue of the text and the grey of the paper and the blinding brilliance of the gold of the titles reminds us of the brightness of these lives of courage.

Creative Communication
Sirio color perla 80gr