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Renewal of the chocolate boxes for Frédéric CasselHacolino Design

For a entire renewal of his chocolate boxes, chief Frédéric Cassel call us for our skills of making luxurious packaging.
The image of angel’s light which is the symbol of his brand, inspired us to choose the paper. We chose a specific paper that is not easily obtainable in Japan for the exclusive aspect. Keeping the existing image of the box and the pastry store, improving the quality of the paper has allowed us to add value to the box. The difficulty was that as the paper is pearl, the angels look different depending on the angle of the light, so we have tested the angels in different density versions and processing to compare. The several tests were definitely needed and subtle differences were seen and led us to take the ideal density for a best result. We have made 5 different sizes, our client is very satisfied with the result of the new packaging, so do us.

Sirio pearl orange glow 110