Archivio vincitori 2022

Our company GZ Media (GRAMOFONKA) celebrates 70 years since the pressing of the first record in our plant in Loděnice, Czech Republic and we have written its entire story on this occasion.GZ Media, a.s.

We composed the story of the GRAMOFONKA book from archives and other historical sources, from interviews with many people from factories in Loděnice, American Memphis Record Pressing and Canadian Precision Record Pressing, as well as from the French factory, SNA GZ. Today, all of these companies of the GZ Group, which is doing best in its history. The book also includes photos from various periods, including rare images from the nineteenth century.
The authors of the book worked for nearly a year, attempting to make the result representative. The book is generous, in the format 310×310 mm, with solid book covers depicting a vinyl cover with the title, with a solid bookbinding, the inner block has 336 pages on quality paper Symbol Tatami White 135 GSM, with a number of photographs, large format, many of which have not yet been published.

Czech Republic
Symbol tatami white 135