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Between Sky & SeaGraine de papier

SEAir boats are unique: made-to-measure, they fly above the water!
Graine de Papier designed “Between Sky & Sea”: a brochure to inspire future owners, giving them the feeling of life on board and living their dream.
Selected for the depth it brings to marine visuals, Symbol Fusion White (in 300 g for the cover, and in 200 g for the inside pages) reinforces the presence of the sea. The satin glimmer of Symbol Fusion contrasts with the matte texture of the text pages, printed with white ink on Materica Clay.
The luxurious paper complements and elevates the message. Combined with the minimalist design, it serves to position SEAir boats as the high-end brand it is.

Creative Communication
Digital printing for hp indigo - symbol Premium White 300
Digital printing for hp indigo - symbol Premium White 200
Materica Clay 120