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Lay's gourmet nougatGráficas Varias, S.A.U.

Giving a label form that embodies the brilliant creative of Albert Adrià, the artisan tradition of Torrons Vicens, as well as a snack such as Lay’s Gourmet chips, is like being in front of a Rauschenger or Tapies, where disparity ends up combining into something different and superior.
The decision made was to choose the ISPIRA NERO MISTERO paper, which guarantees optimal printing and high production capacity in addition to its characteristic finess that gives it a pleasant and soft when touch. All this accompanied by the right typographies, image and a well-structured composition that constitutes a harmonious artwork. Nevertheless, some challenges have arised, like giving a white background with enough consistency, so that it acts as a base for the four-color process to give the chromatic strength to get a shiny image. Making it stand out with a varnish that is both light and shiny, along with excellent finishes, resulting in a label that combines a good balance and elegance.

Ispira Ultra WS FSC™