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Garbìn Project - Concept EPFreskiz Comunicate

Questioning oneself. Losing oneself in order to find oneself again. This is the true nature of all of us. A leitmotif that repeats itself.
Over and over again. And then a sudden withdrawal from reality to embark on a journey. Physical? No kidding. Garbìn Project is much, much more.
It is our vita cotidiana, our tekne, the art of savoir faire. A collection of influences, experiences and contaminations. A succession of realities that share the same space, without ever overlapping or prevailing over one another. It is a coexistence and at the same time a summation, accompanying lost wanderers through a sensory experience, from the golden Iberian coast to the cradle of Hellenic culture.
It is dark outside, placing the needle on the coloured vinyl and the journey has just begun.

Garbìn Project is a desire, but above all the collaborative project that we have been able to build to outline the journey.
In the broadest sense, it is the story of our worlds and our everyday know-how.

Creative Communication
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