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Maria Josefa Huarte CollectionFranziska

Book designed for the exhibition “Colección Mª Josefa Huarte”, held at the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao. A sample of works from a particular art collection based on Mª Josefa’s personal interests by arists such as Picasso, Oteiza, Kandinsky or Rothko. The book, generously formatted (280x380mm), is inspired by a well-known French publication, Derrière le Miroir, which coincides with the time and spirit of the beginning of the collection (1950). This breadth of format allows an oxygenated layout and, above all, a representation of the works in large scale and detail. On the outside presents a book jacket glued to the back, which partially envelops much of the book with the image of one of the most important works of the exhibition. On the covers, on gray cardboard, there is the title applied with a stencil typeface, which again recalls the character of publications such as Derrière le Miroir and emphasizes the style of the time in which the collection began to take shape.

Materica Clay 360
Symbol tatami White 150