Archivio vincitori 2022


Art catalogue about the exhibition project ‘Figures’, by the architect Manuel Sagastume. The exhibition, organized by the Pamplona City Council (Spain), consists of a collection of 19 sculptures that could be defined halfway between art and architecture. The main material of his work is “corten” type steel, a chromatic characteristic that is reflected both in the dust jacket of the catalogue and in the two-tone (black/copper) of many of the interior photographs. This helps to create an overall tone, a more coherent and cohesive overall visual appearance. The format of the publication, of an agile size (135x205mm) and with a reduced pagination (barely 48 pages), is another of the “provoked” characteristics, since it acts as a counterpoint to the solidity and large volumes of the sculptural material used (steel, iron, aluminum …).

Freelife vellum White 120
Freelife vellum White 260