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Babaà drop-downFranziska

The main sales channel of Babaà is its online store, so most of its products reach customers by shipping. This sales process is identified from Babaà as an opportunity to show the values of the brand with some extra corporate element, which reinforces the positioning and lifestyle that Babaà encourages. Since the packaging of Baba’s clothing shipments consists of a kraft type bag, very tight to the product, it was necessary to generate a small corporate piece, light and that did not suffer deformations due to shocks or by the pressure of the bag itself. We propose a drop-down that, collected, measures only 90x116mm. A piece perfectly adaptable to each shipment. Once fully deployed it becomes a large poster, oval format. On one side it presents an aphoristic quote, making clear the brand’s interest in literature and the roots of his home country. The other side features a series of product photos combined with inspiring images close to the Babaà universe.

Creative Communication
Arena rough White 90