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Catalogue d’exposition Françoise PetrovitchFonds Hélène & Edouard Leclerc pour la Culture

This monograph is published by the Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc de Landerneau on the occasion of the major exhibition devoted to Françoise Pétrovitch in 2021.
It echoes the richness of the work of Françoise Pétrovitch and its techniques: paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, prints and videos.
The Arena white Smooth 140g, was chosen for its quality of printability while keeping the sensuality of the paper close to those used as supports in the work of the artist.
The Arena Bulk subtly distinguishes the translation part, while the Sirio color cover pages echo a hue present on the cover work.

Imitlin Flat Neve 125
Sirio color Arancio 170
Arena smooth White 140
Arena bulk Natural 90