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Hidden Nature / Skrytá přírodaFakulta umění a designu Univerzity Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem

The bachelor thesis Hidden Nature presents visual poetry responds to the Japanese tea culture, which worships nature, the moment of encounter between individuals and their return to human values during the tea timelessness, when the mind and the spirit calm down and regain the ability to enjoy the present moment. The idea of poetic book was born a few years ago. When I revisited this country, after my basic studies there. Dancing around a bowl of green matcha tea gives us a space to understand a tiny part of Japanese culture. I was completely enchanted by this culture. The collection consists of three author’s haiku, illustrative texts and paintings. All of these aspects make up the visual poetry along with the alternative use of typography. Paper is an important carrier of moments. All prints are hand stitched with an variable thread in the open spine. I perceive the thread as a time line of all moments with a beautiful reference to the Japanese aesthetic ideal of beauty, shibumi.

Czech Republic
Materica Verdigris 120
Materica Verdigris 250
Materica Limestone 120