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Arkè - Distribuzione di Vini Naturali Catalogo 2021Ey Studio

Arkè is one of the most important and historic distributors of natural wines in Italy. We transform their catalog into an editorial project to tell the story of artisan wine growers and contextualizing it every year through a different topic. 2021 catalog is a journey through the wine regions, highlighting customs, dialects and peculiarities of the land and the society and therefore the terroir of each product. A terroir wine can tell both the story of the land where grapes grow, both the history and the culture of the hands that transformed grapes into wine. So we asked the winemakers to write the words of the wine in their own dialect on paper. We scanned sheets and with historical photos we create sort of collages for covers and parts of internal graphics. We redesigned all the maps giving value to each individual region and asked Arkè to describe the approach with which they select wine in each specific region, to give to every region its own opening spread.

Creative Communication
Arena rough Natural 200gr
Arena rough Natural 90gr