Archivio vincitori 2022


9 implausible books to build fabulous architectures, imagine quixotic forms and illusory volumes.
9 books to put together to create a utopian space in a world without limits.
Let’s be crazy, really !

Marion Bataille (graphic designer and author) and Fanny Millard (architect and author) created UTOPOP, published by EXTRA in 2021, a series of books in volume forming a catalog of architectural forms that combine with each other to design space.
These books constitute an evolving paper construction game for an introduction to utopian architecture, town planning and collective life. Working on its structure by cutting and folding, the paper transforms its flat surface into different 3D volumes.

9 books of 3 double-pages constitute the basic vocabulary :
printed single-sided in 1 color (black), on arena natural rough 300g/m2 paper by Fedrigoni, pre-cut and scored.
closed size : 12 x 24 cm, the deployed format generates a 3-dimensional space of 3 cubes of 12 x 12 x 12 cm each.

Arena rough natural 300g/m2