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Exagraphie – Partitions Photographiques (2003-2018)ExposerPublier

“A book as a sedimentation process”
Exagraphie, first monograph on artist and photographer Aurélie Pétrel, offers a retrospective gaze over a fifteen-year period, comprising her early cycle of research and productions.
Exagraphie is the culmination of a large collaborative editorial process, occurring in several stages and steps, echoing the methodology and conceptual stakes of Aurélie Pétrel’s work. The publication takes inspiration from the staging of the ‘re-photographing’ of a matrix of direct prints. It is these re-shoots that comprise the pages of this polymorphous book, diffracted into twelve notebooks of sixteen pages.
The final form of this publication is the result of gathering all the people and their know-how–photographer, graphic designer, font designer, photoengraver, papermaker, printer– involved in its production: “a book as a sedimentation process”.

Arena rough Natural 90
Symbol freelife matt plus Premium White 115