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SarabandeExpérience Sérigraphie

Experience Serigraphie is an artisanal screen printing workshop specializing in comics
The Sarabande illustration was produced by the artist Camille Jourdy, author in particular of Rosalie Blum. Five passages of colors were necessary to make this image
After being exposed to light, phosphorescent ink produces light for thirty minutes
The choice and realization of the colors are the result of a collaboration between the screen printer Marie Eyquem and the artist Camille Jourdy, also from Lyon, who was able to come to our workshop so that we could work together on this project
They have chosen to use the pastel and bright tones that the author usually uses in her work. The colors we create use transparency effects and fluorescent pigments
As for the paper, the recycled Freelife Vellum ivory 320 g/m² corresponded perfectly to the expectations of Camille Jourdy herself working on ivory papers. This choice of paper has allowed us to be as close as possible to the work of this artist

Creative Communication
Freelife vellum ivory 320g