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Lezioni di AnarchiaEmergenze Publishing

Lezioni di Anarchia (Anarchy Lessons) comes to life from a cycle of talks on anarchist thought. Each meeting includes the intervention of an intellectual, who shows the public an alternative posture towards specific themes of our life (work, education, the city, technology…)
The so called “lessons” have been unwrapped and collected together in two volumes that stand as atlases of anarchist knowledge, with insights into facts, key characters and books cited by the authors.
The graphic design project is inspired by the concept of notebook, with expedients that encourage, but do not force, the reader to write his notes.
Examples of this are elastic binding – to extract pages or integrate notes – a large character body – with enough space to write between the lines – fields left intentionally empty, boxes and in general a calibrated balance between black and whites.
The volumes were edited by Antonio Brizioli, designed by Raffaello Chiarioni and illustrated by Beppe Giacobbe.

Arena smooth White 90 gr.
Arena smooth White 200 gr.
Sirio color Black 170 gr.