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Colle Acacia wine labelsElisabetta Rapini Ditta Individuale

The project is the result of the collaboration between me and the Colle Acacia winery, based in Cortona. In agreement with the client, I conceived and curated the entire coordinated image of 3 wines: Orisone, Sor Carlo and Syrah.
Each label illustration combines the acacia tree, the hill and the vine plant. From a technical and printing point of view, the illustrative basis is identical for the three versions and made in shades of black and warm gray. To characterize every product, a pantone has been added for each: the result is a range of wines with a beautiful and characteristic palette. To add a material character to the signs of the brush, I applied a glossy hot screen printing and finally enriched with bright signs. The choice of paper fell on a natural texture: Fedrigoni Self-Adhseive’s NATURAL COTTON BARRIER paper proved to be optimal for the project.