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Août 2020, Cher Journal,Eliot Nasrallah

Arranged as a solely photographic diary, Août 2020, Cher Journal, is a series of images made in the south of France between the Aude and the Hérault. As a visual narrative, the work presents daily note-taking where several observations, thoughts, moments and reflections from various recorded experiences are organized. A publishing project where various photographs follow one another. They meet and link together to form sequences on the intimacy of an environment that is both personal and collective. Like amateur snapshots, some of them might remind you of archives escaped from a family album.
Can a daily photographic process testify to a search for writing? Perhaps when the narrative keeps escaping us and leaving room for different interpretations.

Nettuno Oltremare 215
Pergamenata Bianco 90
Arena rough Natural 90