Progetti in gara 2025

Nature Humaine – Humaine Natureêkhô studio

Catalogue of the exhibition “Nature humaine – Humaine nature” which gathered 14 artists from different generations and artistic movements at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles. Now aware of our impact on the environment, we feel the urgency to change our lifestyles. The media issues warnings daily, but what can art reveal about the relationship between humans and nature? The exhibition “’Nature Humaine – Humaine Nature” poses the question of the future and how we are shaping it today.
 The cover of the publication features a canvas-textured Fedrigoni paper, which contrasts with the texture of the artwork, a carpet, creating both visual and tactile tension. The spine is colored in yellow using the jaspage technique, which highlights the purple aspect of the cover. The catalogue breaks from the stereotypical aesthetic of “nature” and instead embraces a classic magazine format. It showcases the exhibited artworks, either confronting or juxtaposing them.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Constellation jade White 280
Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles
êkhô studio
Imprimerie CCI, Marseille (France)