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La Galeríadis is aruba.

“La Galería” is a newsletter printed on a double-sided A3, folded in a half fold + Z fold. It was conceived in 2019 with one clear goal: designing a tool that could reach the company’s client base periodically, that was flexible, efficient, respectful with the environment, quick, cheap, and reusable.
The client is the highest seller of professional printing machines worldwide, so designing a printed newsletter is seen as a statement. And what a better way to make a ‘printing statement’ than transforming a printed newsletter into something else. By printing the issues on different papers each time and adding its information on the back, the client -printing shops – is now receiving not only the company’s latest news but a catalog of Fedrigoni paper they can keep and use for future jobs. This allows our client to generate minimum waste, not only by how the newsletter is manipulated and sent (watch video) but also by giving the product a new life as a valuable sample for the receptor.

Creative Communication
Ispira Bianco Purezza 150
Freelife vellum White 120
Sirio color rough Flamingo 115
Sirio color rough Jasmine 115
Sirio pearl Shiny Blue 125
Woodstock Pistacchio 110
Cocktail Curaçao 120
Materica Terra Rossa 120
Sirio ultra black Ultra Black 115
Provided by the shipping company