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Allianz – A Life-Carrying PackageDesign Bureau Izvorka Jurić / Motus Vis d.o.o.

As the problem was noticed that clients often do not know in which insurance company they are insured, the task was to design a life insurance policy packaging that would increase the memory of signing and storing the policy. The packaging is designed like a folded object, and after filling it with papers and forming it takes on an interesting 3D shape that attracts attention. After the user takes the package home, the perforated front of the packaging is detached, leaving a folder that is made of recycled solid paper, suitable for longer storage. The perforated front is made from seed paper that is plantable and fully biodegradable. The talk about gift packaging with a sales representative, interacting with the packaging, planting seed paper, and later planting a gift pencil with seeds –makes it more possible for the user to remember the whole process and make it easier to remember that he has signed the life insurance policy with Allianz.

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