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Auspicious tiger King KongDamei(Xi'an)

Since 2019, the global epidemic keeps breaking out. People in almost every country in the world could experience the fragility and uncertainty of life. There is a famous Buddhist saying:
Buddhism famously said that if one knows that everything is impermanent, one does not grasp, if one does not grasp, one will not think in terms of having or lacking and therefore one lives fully.

Take this as inspiration, combining the theme of the Chinese year of the tiger in 2022, with the hybrid style of Buddhism Thang-ga + vector comics, the main picture of “auspicious Tiger King Kong” is created. We plan to use Fedrigoni paper to make a three-color Diary that can be conveniently put in the pocket, so that every user can carry it with him, just like having the blessing of being protected by auspicious Tiger King Kong at any time.

Creative Communication
Arena smooth Natural 90
Sirio color Lampone 115
Sirio color Foglia 115
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