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escribir y respirarCristina Vergara Diseño Gráfico

Escribir y respirar is a book of poems and an origami toy of breaths that explores the correspondence between words and the emotional and physical reactions that they cause us, transcending the fact of reading. We can say that it is a book as Italo Calvino says in his prologue to The Invisible Cities, “a space where the reader has to enter, to go around, maybe get lost, but finding at some point an exit, or maybe several exits.”
Architecturally consists of a single piece with several cuts that, when folded, produce a series of modules that make up the book without the need to sew, staple or guillotine, and turn it into an almost Dadaist playful device that can be folded and unfolded as an accordion, and crossed from any point. When deploying it completely we have, on the one hand, a sheet with all the poems exposed and, on the other, the illustration of a lungs-topographic map that suggests different coordinates of breaths, feelings and possible precipices during the reading.

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