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By Charlot succeeds in highlighting the natural beauty of indoor plants. It was obvious to develop a range of interior candles to dress and perfume your interiors. In the art of giving, packaging is an important element. By Charlot chose to entrust the study and the realization to the company Comelli Factory. Sirio Color Dark Blue paper, reminiscent of the brand’s graphic charter, was chosen as the case for the candles. Then each perfume was represented by a paper from the Fedrigoni range. Each Perfume, through the color chosen for the sheath, invites the consumer to dive in and imagine their olfactory universe. Each candle is manufactured in 4 sizes (6, 8, 10 cm and 14cm), the launch was done on 5 flavors. A hot stamping finish was used for the case made on sirio Color Dark Blue 480 gr and 700 gr. A scodix foil was chosen for the 20 sleeve models for aesthetic and economic purposes.

Sirio color Dark Blue 480
Sirio color Dark Blue 700
Sirio color Bruno 290
Sirio color Nude 290
Sirio color Flamingo 290
Sirio color Foglia 290
Sirio color Milkshake 290