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Artra work & safety footwearCodes Creative, s.r.o.

The client wanted to uplift their catalogue to the quality level of brands such as Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce.

The 172 page catalogue comes in 3 language versions, contains more than 400 photos and 3 neon Pantone colours. The cover is screen printed in 3 layers, each is book sewn-bound and assembled by hand.
The catalogue presents company values, production process and highlights the latest collection.
It includes over 120 models of shoes – each one is given a generous full-page space to present its qualities. The project took six months from brief to completion, involved a team of 12 people in close cooperation with the client. The process includes months of intensive work, photography, retouching, 3D renderings, handmade illustrations, layout, proofreading, and refinement. The paper had a great role in print quality – smooth, matt, colour-true with minimal stretch. The result is, we dare say, the most sophisticated work & safety footwear catalogue in Europe.

Creative Communication
X-per premium white 140 g