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Graphisme en France 2021 Design graphique et sociétéCentre national des arts plastiques

Graphisme en France is an annual publication of the Centre national des arts plastiques for graphic designers, teachers, students and sponsors, with a circulation of 10,000 copies free of charge and in pdf format in French and English. Each issue deals with a subject by means of unpublished texts commissioned from researchers, designers, or critics in order to promote their research and points of view. The graphic design is entrusted to young, recently graduated graphic designers who reinvent it each year by choosing the typeface, format, papers, binding, etc. The 2021 issue, “Graphic Design and Society” shows the importance of graphic design in society. Forms, images, signs build and structure our daily life, our imaginary and forge our critical sense. The texts by Élodie Boyer, Max Bruinsma and Éloïsa Pérez attest to this, supported by the graphic design of Studio Béton (Marion Caron and Camille Trimardeau).

Materica clay 250gr
Symbol freelife matt plus premium white 115gr