Archivio vincitori 2022

On the DesktopCAFA – Central Academy of Fine Arts

“On the Desktop” contains five objects and a publication as an archive of them.

Designers designed the earliest computer icons by imitating real objects, and they built a series of rules so that users could easily use them. While people use them proficiently, they gradually disengage them from real-world objects subconsciously. As a graphic designer, my workspace moves from a real desktop to a “desktop” in my computer. These emulated icons are my partner, part of my work life.The virtual landscape formed by these electronic graphics is known but never occupied. We created the virtual without owning it. I return the simulacrum computer icons to the real world, the virtual becomes real again, and the computer items are transformed into “monuments” and returned to the living environment; I examine the creative behavior between the virtual and the real and reflect on the contradiction with itself.

Junyi Shi
Jun He