Archivio vincitori 2022

Welcome To The Jungle - 2022 CalendarBulhosas (Irmãos), S.A.

We decided to do some soul-searching about the most recent pandemic worldwide situation and we realized that maybe nature is trying to teach us something. It seems like only animals are free to do what they have always done. Their world is still the same as always was and maybe that means something. That is why we decided to take some time on our thoughts to 2022, developing a Calendar with a different label, with a different animal, for each month. This is a self-promotion project and all prints were made with an HP Indigo PRESS WS6600. The printing finishings were made on separate machines. We made way to an experimental time, trying on different papers, textures, inks, and we also changed some printing sequences, as for example, we printed after the finishings. In 2022, we invite you to appreciate the remaining beauty of freedom in the animal world.

Creative Communication
Constellation Jade Rhomb WS FSC™
Tintoretto WS FSC™
Martele WS FSC™
Sorolla H+O WS FSC™
Cotone Ultra WS