Archivio vincitori 2022

Tao ArchitectureBrusk

Last year we redesigned the corporate identity for TAO architecture.

We were looking for a very pure and minimal approach, but at the same time we wanted to step away from the black & white humdrum in most architecture brands. Ief De Schepper, the founder of TAO stands for an honest approach to building where base materials remain visible.
We wanted this to reflect in the brand. That’s why we chose to give a lot of attention to material choices and to keep print and manipulation limited.

After creating mockups of what our end result should look like we involved Buroform, the printer in our search for the right material. And in fact, Materica by Fedrigoni was spot on. In colour as well as texture we added a simple white hot-foil print and that was that.

Buroform did an excellent job in printing and finishing the material, we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Creative Communication
Materica Terra Rossa 360g
Materica Gesso 120g
Materica Verdigris 360g