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Château de SaranBox conseil

To conceive an art book for and about a timeless and unusual place, the Château de Saran, is necessarily a conceptual, graphic, photographic, technical challenge and more.
It had to bring to life both the historical aspect of the place and the experience, over one day and one night, offered to the guests visiting the Château.
The passing of time, symbolized by a stylized hourglass, thus became the red thread that runs through the book. The reader is invited to move around the Château at the same pace as when he is there and to discover the illustrious history of the House of Moët & Chandon.
The book is composed of a particular fabric with a deep and intense black and 5 different papers, each with its own technical characteristics. It uses 3 printing techniques (offset, silk-screen and hot stamping) and hides a booklet in its heart.

Creative Communication
Pergamenata BIANCA 110
Pergamenata pearl NATURALE 115
Symbol tatami WHITE 150
Sirio color rough MILKSHAKE 115
Sirio ultra black ULTRA BLACK 185