Archivio vincitori 2022

Flocon féérique gourmand en PapercraftBeolitik

The « Village des Terroirs de Vanves » is an annual event that brings together gastronomy and arts & crafts.
The city wishes to gather a family audience in a friendly and festive atmosphere to the colors of the Christmas holidays.
In order to leave the usual visual codes and bring a touch of freshness and modernity to the event, we have chosen to propose an illustration in Papercraft between snowflakes, Ferris wheels and fireworks.
Nearly one hundred objects made on Fedrigoni papers dyed mass, photo shooting and realization of large format posters for the different urban display media, realization accompanied by a making-of in stop motion.

Creative Communication
Sirio color iris 170gr
Sirio color limone 170gr
Sirio color vermiglione 170gr
Sirio pearl copperplate 125gr
Sirio pearl orange glow 125gr
Sirio pearl red fever 125gr
Sirio pearl rose gold 125gr
Sirio pearl oyster shell 125gr
Cocktail white lady 120gr
Cocktail mai tai 120gr