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Zep Torrenz, Perfumes with historyBenana Studio

Almost a hundred and fifty years ago, one of the first people to use perfume essences differently, went into the jungles of Mindanao and the lushest areas of the Philippine Islands in search of exotic fragrances hidden in the flowers and bushes of that wonderful world. The great European spas of the late 19th century incorporated the fragrances into their sensual and relaxing environments. ZEP TORRENZ, renews the adventure and, recovering a cloud of dreams and sensations, creating three perfumes destined only for very special people, exceptional and sensitive to culture, beauty and art.

The pack of the three perfumes, Oud, Jungle Flowes and Deep Sea, made with Fedrigoni’s Arena White Smooth paper, is offset printed and has a different Hot Stamping for each of the perfumes. The packaging design reflects the elegance of the brand and the importance of the ingredients used to make such exotic and exceptional essences.

Arena smooth White 400