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Welcoming letter & Menu (2021 Autum) - Audrey's RestaurantAudrey's restaurante

The challenge of this project was to design a piece on paper, which would welcome the gastronomic experience to Audrey’s Restaurant, awarded a Michelin Star consecutively since 2017. And that would also have the responsibility of transferring the entire philosophy of the Chef Rafa Soler’s kitchen.

Audrey’s cuisine is a cuisine of territory, of kilometer zero, in short, of RAIZ. Approaching it from his avant-garde vision, Rafa Soler manages to make the flavors and the native recipe book a completely unexpected experience.
The piece that we present is the minutes of the restaurant menu. It is the first contact that the diner will have at the restaurant table and will also be the guide to see the different passes that are left on the menu. And that is why we set ourselves the challenge of moving people. As part of the sensory experience that a menu of this level entails, this piece of paper manages to activate the sense of touch.
We opted for a copper letterpress print on 360gr MATERICA Pitch that represents the entire philosophy of Audrey’s kitchen. Completely natural, made of cotton and recycled fibers and respectful of the environment. The sophistication of authenticity. This is how we believe that this material can be defined and at the same time the experience it presents.
We were clear that we wanted to intervene the paper in the least aggressive way, that is why we opted for the use of a Heidelberg with long folio blades from 1976, and we used 3 sections of trunks as a mold, which are part of the trees of the region. where is the restaurant.
Later we incorporated a dry blow of the restaurant’s logo. The presence of the brand can only be perceived by the fingertips and by the contrasts of light and shadow.

The final result, a piece that combines roughness and elegance in equal parts, and that complements the surprising gastronomic experience of Audrey’s Restaurant.

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Materica Pitch 360gr