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Silkscreen printer Lézard Graphique 2021 New Year CardAtelier Tout va bien

The french silkscreen master Lézard Graphique invites every year a new graphic design studio to imagine their New Year’s Eve greeting cards. Atelier Tout va bien had the pleasure of being invited for the 2021 card.
From this rich collaboration emerged “Mascarade” (masquerade), a game for all ages, which, with a certain playfulness, mocks the rather gloomy 2021 actuality.
The content of each boxes is composed of twelve cards (for the twelve months of the year) printed in four spot colors (for the four seasons) and a glossy varnish and last but not least four masks made out of a thick Sirio Color Black 700g. The mask’s clips and the complete set of seventy-two cut-out shapes allow a vast amount of colorful compositions of more or less sophisticated faces and expressions…

Creative Communication
Sirio color Black 700
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 400