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Special Mention

Modulations 2021-2022 GMEMAtelier Tout va bien

The GMEM, the Centre national de création musicale used to run two important festivals per year prior to the pandemic. Since then a few changes occurred including the birth of a new regular musical season, in two parts, called “Modulations” which starts from September 2021 up to May 2022. For this identity, we simply mainly focused on the huge potential variations of the letter “M” and decided to opt for a new way to communicate, effectively, through a tiny object.
This is how this complex 80x80mm – 8 folds accordion leaflet, which includes an 8 pages stapled brochure was conceived with two layers of offset white ink and a black . The leaflet can also be hung thanks to a perforation. All the season information are printed on Materica and all the corporate information of the GMEM are printed on a 70x80mm 8 pages document directly saddle stitched to the first fold. All folds on Materica have been micro-perforated.

Creative Communication
Materica Kraft 180
Materica Terra Rossa 180
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 90