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Martha SchwarzkopfAtelier Christian von der Heide

With the Martha Schwarzkopf hair parfume limited edition for the House of Schwarzkopf, Atelier Christian von der Heide has turned to the hot topic of female empowerment: The fine hair fragrance, which is refreshing and positive, is dedicated to Schwarzkopf founder Martha Schwarzkopf. To recognise this, it takes a second look and a little twist: The minimalistic black slip case initially shows a laser cut of the classic Schwarzkopf logo, the profile of Hans Schwarzkopf, Martha Schwarzkopf’s husband. Only after pulling open the precious box, a small book is revealed, which is screen-printed with an abstracted linear pattern reminiscent of hair structure. Hidden inside, a black scissor cut of Martha Schwarzkopf’s portrait on xx paper appears. A tribute to a woman who, with strength, self-confidence and courage, led a company to worldwide success. Her company. Her product. Her likenes.

Sirio black white black white 150 - 350