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Astoria Casa VittorinoASTORIA WINES

Casa Vittorino is the bottle dedicated to the founder of Astoria Wines, Vittorino Polegato. The label tells the hilly area and the origins of the winery.
The micro-engraved gold band narrates the place of origin of the product and to do so it uses the ancient characters of the Venetian language to underline the indissoluble link between this land, its history and the company. The white band reveals the contents of the bottle, the highest expression of the hand-picked grapes on the vineyard of the Astoria estate. Together they create the typical horizon of the Prosecco hills and frame the delicately emerging design of the Astoria farmhouse. Their union is also a tribute to the V of Vittorino. Above, the golden silhouette of the aerial view of the estate, made of micro-engraved foil, testifies to the spirit of the founder and tells of the desire for sharing and conviviality, the essence of Vittorino’s vision.
The label represents the founder’s material and spiritual heritage.

Tintoretto WS FSC™