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MIGRAINEArtron Art Group

“Migraine” is a new photography book by artist Shang Liang. Having suffered from migraines for a long time, he recorded the process of coexisting with migraines through photography and scanning of real objects, including speeches on social platforms, medical images, package inserts of painkillers, and so on. From Shang Liang’s point of view, these images and texts related to migraines may be an antidote for him to resist or accept migraines.
These “migraine” symptom treatment process records of real events form the core of this book. Trying to “simulate or relieve migraine” by designing the size of the book’s format, opening and closing methods, and paper changes. The book is divided into 12 chapters, like 12 boxes of self-developed “pain medicines”: the tearable pull-out page is the “packaging”, the loose-leaf is the “instruction”, and the photo inside is the “medicine”. This book can also be regarded as a paper-medium medicine box with a size of 170mmx260mm enlarged version.

Arena smooth White 120g
Arena smooth Extra White 300g
Life White 80g