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Modular Vehicle WrapsApplication Tape Co Ltd

Modular vehicle wrapping is a fairly new concept originally derived from the same principal used in chevron kits and Police Battenburg kits. It consists of a series of pieces when applied to a vehicle and actually fit around all the recesses that would normally need to be wrapped into.
Instead of removing all door handles, lights, trims and bumpers the modular kits are cut exactly to fit around everything making applying graphics easier than ever before.
These kits are not only eye catching but actually cost approximately 40 – 50% less than a traditional vehicle wrap and can be fitted in less than half the time meaning any vehicle will be off the road a fraction of the time a traditional vehicle wrap would be. This is done by supplying the printed kits on on Rijet 75 Slide and Tack which is a high performance film with an extremely low tack repositionable adhesive.

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