Progetti in gara 2025

Chinese Zodiac Portable Paper Sculptures. Angelo Ferrara

A personal project for my own challenge and experimentation: designing a new form of origami. A 10×21 sheet: the surface. 12 Chinese Zodiac symbols: the project. And when I discovered mySo…Silk paper by myCordenons, enriched with silk fibres, it seemed the right “fabric” for this collection. Each set has text printed in silver with instruction on how to build each Chinese character and a short explanation of each Zodiac. The colours of the 12 cards blend freely with the various symbols and little “mascot”, once constructed, becomes a little paper treasure and hopefully a personal lucky charm. The self promotion booklet has been then selected and printed in 1500 copies as limited edition by the “Consolato Generale d’Italia Shanghai” and “Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Shanghai” as official gift during Italian design events in China, and selected for sale at the Triennale Design Museum and the ADI Design Museum in Milan.

Creative Communication
myCordenons - mySo...Silk Beauty Pink 350
myCordenons - mySo...Silk Black Style 350
myCordenons - mySo...Silk Fair Blue 350
myCordenons - mySo...Silk Fashion Purple 350
myCordenons - mySo...Silk Glamour Green 350
myCordenons - mySo...Silk Shocking Green 350
myCordenons - mySo...Silk Vanity Pearl 350
myCordenons - mySo...Silk White Silk 350
Angelo Ferrara
Angelo Ferrara
Fonte Grafica Lab Milano