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Praline Delizie BakeryALF creative agency

Delizie Bakery is an Italian bakery brand whose products can be found on the shelves of Europe’s finest shops. The new praline line combines the finest chocolate (both, dark and with milk) with 6 delicious fillings, using only the best ingredients and the skills of the master chocolatier to turn these delicacies into real jewels.
The challenge was to convey this concept of quality and exclusivity through a series of packaging that work together but also work individually. The natural approach for us was to create a sort of “jewelry box” that could not only contain and protect these little jewels of Italian flavor but also build brand recognition.
This luxurious yet approachable design uses a contemporary aesthetic while keeping the well-positioned brand color as the main color of the palette. By pairing the shimmering nature of the gold foil to the artisan feel of the Old mill paper we were able to convey the feeling of refined authenticity through the visual design system.

Old mill Premium White 350