Progetti in gara 2025

The Pocket Paper Notebooks by AJOTOAJOTO

Introducing AJOTO Pocket Paper: A collection of notebooks that celebrate paper, craftsmanship and the unique way you make your mark.

Our mission is to introduce you to an incredible world of paper and to guide you in discovering your perfect match.
We believe selecting a notebook should be like choosing your favourite chocolate, wine, or coffee. It’s a very personal decision, that reflects our tastes and references our knowledge of provenance, ecology, and the distinctive tactile qualities that paper provides.

To launch our collection we selected three distinctive Fedrigoni papers. Using these papers we created three notebook editions, all printed and bound in the UK, each providing a different experience. Each notebook is made from a coloured card that contains information referencing the paper’s stock, experience, and specifications.

Creative Communication
United Kingdom
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena smooth natural 110
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Arena smooth extra white 350
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Sirio ultra black black 370
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Splendorgel EW extra white 100
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Old mill bianco 190
Chris Holden and Marta Verdes Montenegro Diaz