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Deep Simulator51 Personae

Deep Simulator is a cyberdrama-novel with layers of stories generated through reader interaction. Based on a namesake video game, it is a collaborative experiment between artists aaajiao and the author Ag, which began during the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. The story stems from themes related to player identity, the multiverse and the breaking down of inter-dimensional walls. The exposure of karmic chains, the ideological rupture between various movements, melancholia, death, the final struggle, accelerationism, the inability to distinguish between the real and the imaginary, all foreshadow an ominous sense of change looming ahead.

The sleeve wrapped around this volume is a deep abyss of colorful noise generated by code, together with the multihued laser holographic display, it foreshadows the complex qualities of “in-betweeness”. The ivory paper and the bitmap font recall the 90s when the printing industry went through digital transformation, another intermediate state.

Arena bulk Ivory 100