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Chun Xue Package北京七次方贸易有限公司

Beijing Chun Xue International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in Inner Mongolia. There are several award have been achieved like:”Top 30 Enterprises in China Cashmere Industry”, “National Advance Unit for Quality Management of Town and Township Enterprises”.
We use Savile Row Plain Brown made using 60% E.C.F wood-free pulp and is FSC certified. That matches with our dedication to environmental protection. We chose brown to give our customers a warm feeling, like how cashmere provides warmth and elegance to the wearer. That matches with company integrity: “内诚于心,外信于人,春雪做人之本”, mean “Sincerity in the heart, trust in others, the foundation of Chun Xue company.”
We use hot stamping white for our logo, which means snow, like our company name.
Greeting card, we use hot stamping gold to write “您的挚爱选择” mean “your beloved choice.” We use gold to express elegance.
Production and design by Beijing Chun Xue International Trade Co., Ltd.

Savile row plain brown 200g
Savile row plain brown 100g