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咖啡自由杯包装 (UNLIMITED COFFEE CUP)云南两只老虎平面设计有限公司 (Yunnan Two Tigers Graphic Design Co., Ltd.)

The UNLIMITED COFFEE CUP packaging design, through the structure, makes the whole package do not need to be glued in the process of combination, and can meet the function of packaging stability at the same time. Our concept of product packaging has always been based on the basis of environmental protection and sustainability, let the product return to the product itself, let the packaging become a part of the product, and try to make the packaging have the remaining use value, so that it is not discarded. In the packaging design, we express the product information through the shape design. The packaging shape is a three-dimensional coffee machine, which intuitively expresses the product characteristics of the coffee cup. Therefore, for this packaging, we boldly abandoned the printing of product information and reduced the packaging. The printing link in the production process (the inevitable pollution in the printing process: including plate making, ink, labor).

Sirio color Perla 350
Tintoretto ceylon Cannella 350