Who can enter the Fedrigoni Top Award 2017?
Designers, printers, publishers and end users who have produced works on Fedrigoni papers from July 2014 to June 2016.

Which are the categories?

  1. Books (dedicated to Gianfranco Fedrigoni): books, volumes, art catalogues.
  2. Corporate Publishing: brochures, product catalogues, reports and corporate stationery, mailings, greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, diaries, free gifts.
  3. Labelling: wine, spirits, food gourmet labels applied to the containers (bottles, boxes, etc.)   supported by Manter.
  4. Packaging: cartons, packets, carriers, display units.
  5. HP Indigo Digital Printing: category dedicated exclusively to projects printed with HP Indigo digital technology of any kind.

How can a project be entered? 
To enter a project in the Fedrigoni Top Award, simply visit www.fedrigonitopaward.com    and follow the instructions given in the menu for stage 1.

Enter the title or a description of the work and the main data, then upload the relevant images (min. 1, max 4 photos). 
Participants can enter several projects.

The photographs will then be published in special sections of the website and so will be public. The jury will judge the works uploaded, giving a vote according to aesthetic values and advertising effectiveness. Only works given at least 2 votes out of 5 will make it to stage 2.
Votes will not be publicised.



After the first pre-selection stage, which will take place on the 15 July 2016, participants will receive an e-mail telling them if their project has been selected or not. 
In the case of successful work/s,  the participant will be requested to complete full  entry requirements (full names, addresses, telephones, etc. of all parties involved in the project,) in a form attached to the above mentioned email and  to send:
 a) at least 2 physical samples of each project submitted by the 30 September 2016. These items will not be returned;
 b) a printed copy of the completed form;
 b) if possible, a short written piece explaining the project;

Posted to: Fedrigoni SpA – Marketing – Viale Piave, 3 – 37135 Verona/Italy

The project will then be re-submitted to the Jury, who will meet to examine and jointly assess the works. The Jury will draw up a classification of the first 3 winning positions of each category. The Jury’s decision will be final and binding.

The online entry must be received by 17 June 2016.
The physical projects (no slides, no rendering, no printed pictures) must be received by 30 September 2016.

When will the award ceremony take place?
Winners will be presented a physical award at the opening day of the Exhibition of the works on March 2017 in Barcelona.
For each winning project, a representative from the End User, Design Agency and Printer (or the paper technology company) will be invited to receive an Award. All winning parties will be the guests of Fedrigoni Spa, with travel, board and lodging expenses covered for the Award Giving Day.

How can I contact you? 
If you need assistance, you can contact the nearest  Fedrigoni office  or write us directly at  webmaster@fedrigoni.com .

Download the full regulations

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